Volunteering promotes social cohesion and coexistence in Hamburg.

The Engagementlotsen support volunteers who want to find suitable openings among the city’s wide range of projects and organizations, and see themselves as mediators between those seeking and those offering opportunities for voluntary work.

Each advisor is also a member of „seniorTrainerin Hamburg“ and can draw on their own personal experience in civic voluntary work.‘
As trained consultants, we apply this expertise in our role as Engagementlotsen, offering reliable consultation hours from our advice centre which is based at the Seniorenbüro Hamburg.
Due to recent Covid-19 restrictions contacts can currently only take place by phone or email.

The work of the Engagementlotsen is mainly aimed at people who would like to volunteer after they have concluded their working lives or having spent time raising a family. In cost-free personal consultations those looking for volunteer work can discover that their skills and life experience are in great demand – be it related to digital learning, the use of commercial knowledge or skills in dealing with other people.
Advice is tailored to the individual skills, interests and wishes of the seeker –  for example whether someone wants to get involved regularly, sporadically or just once.

Another main focus of the Engagementlotsen involves advising non-profit organizations that are planning new or expanding existing volunteer programmes, offering support in describing relevant requirements and tasks.

Requests for volunteers are published on the Engagementlotsen website, where we can be contacted directly: https://engagementlotsen.hamburg. This website provides constantly updated information about current or new volunteering opportunities and related events in Hamburg.

The Engagementlotsen constitute one of ten volunteer agencies grouped within the working group „lagfa Hamburg“ (Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Freiwilligenagenturen Hamburg), each with its own focus and target groups. This provides an ideal opportunity to jointly present available offers all together in one online database at www.freiwillig.hamburg.de – Hamburg’s largest volunteer portal, where anybody can search for suitable volunteer work from the comfort of their own home.